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Business loans allow for a low fixed APR and longer payback periods for up to 24-36 months.

At Platform Funding, we know getting the capital you need to run your business can be challenging. Platform Funding is here to help you get up to $3 Million in financing with our network of funding companies to provide a business loan customized with your specific needs in mind. With competitive rates and flexible repayment options, we make it easy for US based businesses to access the funds they need for growth. Let Platform Funding help you take the first step towards success with a Business Loan. We offer a wide range of financial solutions for businesses. The business loan options we are able to provide are designed to help small to large LLC’s, Corporations and Partnerships achieve their financial goals.

At Platform Funding, we understand that businesses come in all shapes and sizes. We can provide business loan options to small and large businesses for a variety of industries. The traditional business loan is considered a more long-term type of funding and it does involve stricter criteria for approval. On the bright side, once a company has navigated through this process the funds can be used for any purpose that the business needs.

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Take your LLC, Partnership or Corporation to the next level with a business loan. We can help your business take the next steps in:

Business Acquisition
A traditional loan can be used to fund the acquiring of another company or to help a business enter a new marketplace/industry.
Business Expansion

Loans can be used for expanding an existing business, whether that means opening a new location, adding more products or services, or hiring additional employees.

business expansion loan

Purchasing inventory or equipment

A business loan for inventory/equipment can provide the funds needed to purchase inventory or equipment to keep the business running smoothly.

Additional working capital

A traditional loan can help a business with cash flow, allowing them to cover expenses like rent, payroll, and other operational costs.

Marketing and advertising

A business loan can be used to fund marketing and advertising efforts to increase the visibility and reach of the business.

Renovations or improvements

A business loan can be used to fund renovations or improvements to the business premises, which can enhance the customer experience and attract more business.

Business loans can be a great asset to a business, but its biggest disadvantage is the time it takes for approval. If you need capital fast, you may want to check out our revenue based financing page. This is not a loan in the traditional sense but rather a purchase of future sales at a cost. Revenue based financing is typically used for immediate needs such as material, inventory, or seasonal expenses. Repayment is structured based on the business’ revenue and the funding is generally paid back in full over a short period of time. 

Advantages of Business Loans

Lower Interest Rates

Traditional business loans often have lower interest rates than other forms of financing, such as credit cards or merchant cash advances.

Fixed Repayment Terms

Business loans typically have a fixed payment schedule, which allows businesses to plan and budget for their monthly payments.

Access to Larger Amounts of Capital

Traditional business loans often provide larger amounts of capital than other forms of financing and longer term lengths, which can be critical for businesses that need to fund larger projects or expansion plans.

Improved credit

Making timely payments on a traditional business loan can help businesses build their credit and improve their credit score, which can make it easier to obtain funding in the future.


Business loans can be used for a variety of purposes, providing businesses with the flexibility to address their specific needs.

Ownership Retention

Unlike equity financing, a traditional business loan does not require the business owner to give up ownership or control of the business in exchange for funding.

Disadvantages of Traditional Business Loans

Traditional lenders typically have strict qualification criteria, which can make it difficult for some businesses to obtain a business loan. This can include requirements for a strong credit score, collateral, a certain level of revenue or a minimum length of time in business.
Lenders will require extensive documentation and may conduct a thorough review of the business’ financials. As a result, the process of applying for a traditional business loan can be lengthy and time-consuming.
Business owners may be required to provide a personal guarantee or put up personal assets as collateral for the loan, which can put their personal finances at risk.
Once the loan is approved and disbursed, the funds must be used for the specific purpose outlined in the loan agreement. This can limit a business’s flexibility to pivot or adjust their strategy as circumstances change.
While traditional business loans often have lower interest rates than other forms of financing, there are still interest and fees associated with borrowing money, which can increase the overall cost of the loan.

Let Platform Funding help you with a Business Loan

If you’re looking for a business loan, Platform Funding can help. We work with a variety of lenders to get you the best rates and terms for your business. We’ll help you compare options and choose the right loan for your needs.

We know that taking out a loan can be a big decision and we want you to feel confident in your decision. Our job is to make sure you have all the information you need and that’s why our team is here to answer any questions you have and make sure you are comfortable with the process.

At Platform Funding, we understand that every business is unique, and we strive to provide customized financing solutions that fit your needs. Our experienced funding specialists are always available to discuss your financial needs and help you choose the best loan option for your business.

If you’re ready to get started, apply now for a business loan and we’ll help you get the funding you need!

Contact us today to learn more about our business loan options and start your application.

Business Loans FAQs

Q. What is a loan?

Answer: A loan is a type of financial agreement in which one party lends money to another party. The lender typically charges interest on the loan, and the borrower is expected to repay the principal plus interest over a set period.

Q. What is a business loan?

Answer: A business loan is a type of loan that is specifically intended for businesses. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as starting or expanding a business, buying equipment or inventory, or covering other business expenses. 

Q. How do business loans work?

ecommerce business loansAnswer: Business loans are funds for companies borrowed from banks or other financial institutions to help cover expenses. When a business takes on a loan, they agree to pay the amount of the loan back over time with interest. 

The lender will assess the creditworthiness and financial stability of the company to determine if they meet the requirements for borrowing money. Once approved, businesses can use this funding for various purposes such as business expansion, purchasing equipment or inventory, hiring employees, marketing expenses, business acquisitions and other investments. Businesses typically need to provide collateral when applying for a loan which may include assets like real estate or equipment.

Q. What types of business loans exist?

Answer: There are two types of business loans: short-term and long-term. Short-term loans are typically used for emergencies or to cover a short-term cash shortfall. Long-term loans are used to finance larger purchases or projects, and usually have a longer repayment term. These business loans can be secured and unsecured. Secured loans are backed by some sort of collateral, such as a building or car, that the lender can seize if the borrower fails to repay the loan. Unsecured loans are not backed by any collateral, which means the lender can’t seize any assets if the borrower fails to repay the loan.

Q. What type of financing options does Platform Funding offer?

Answer: Platform Funding offers a variety of financing options, including business loans, lines of credit, revenue advance financing, and equipment leasing and/or financing.

Q. How can I get funding with bad credit?

Answer: Bad credit is ok! We realize owners have life events that come up that may negatively impact their credit score (such as divorce, health/medical expenses, bankruptcy, or past accounting services). This shouldn’t prohibit you from obtaining the capital you need to maintain or grow your business. Platform Funding will work through any scenario possible to get you funding options in a fast & flexible manner that is customized to meet the needs of your business. Although business loans and lines of credit are more difficult to secure with bad credit, Platform Funding looks at many different factors to try to qualify you for the funding that you need. Sometimes this process requires time and patience, but Platform Funding prides itself on helping businesses achieve their goals through smart planning. More than two thirds of the businesses that use Platform Funding’s services once decide to work with us again in the future. As your business grows and becomes more profitable, your relationship with Platform Funding develops and we can provide you with more funding opportunities in the future. Call and speak to one of our Agents today to find out more!

Q. How can I get a business loan?

how can i get a business loanAnswer: Apply today with our simple application process. Click here to begin

Step 1 – Apply securely online

Visit our Get Funded page and start the application process. It’s simple, quick and easy and most importantly, completely secure. We only require 3 recent business bank statements to begin the funding application.

Step 2 – Select a funding plan

We start by assigning a business funding specialist to determine exactly what your borrowing needs are. Next, we’ll design a program focused on your funding request and desired repayment terms.

Step 3 – Receive Your funds

After you receive your funds, begin the repayment process. Our team will always be available for any future funding requests. For any future funding our renewal funding specialists are on standby for all your upcoming funding needs. Just call us or visit our Get Funded page.

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