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Financial solutions for the transportation industry

Our working capital advance product can support the expansion of your fleet of vehicles, provide capital for repairs and for maintenance to your existing fleet, as well as finance renovations to your existing location.

The transportation industry is – fittingly enough – in constant motion. In order to keep up in such a field, businesses need to be flexible and adaptive. That means keeping your financing options open, especially when traditional options for borrowing can be restrictive and time-consuming.

With Platform Funding, you can obtain the working capital you need to stay relevant in an industry that is always on the move. We work together with you and your team to find repayment options that fit your revenue stream, your growth schedule, and your particular place in the transportation industry.

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Our Process

Get funded for your transportation business in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1 - Apply securely online

    Visit our Get Funded page and start the application process. It’s simple, quick and easy and most importantly, completely secure. We only require 4 recent business bank statements to begin the funding application.

  • Step 2 - Select a funding plan

    We start by assigning a business funding specialist to determine exactly what your borrowing needs are. Next, we’ll help design a program focused on your funding request and desired repayment terms.

  • Step 3 - Receive Your funds

    After you receive your funds, begin the repayment process. Our team will always be available for any future funding requests. For any future funding our renewal funding specialists are on standby for all your upcoming funding needs. Just call us or visit our Get Funded page.

Transportation Business FAQs

Transportation Financing Frequently Asked Questions

What types of financing options does Platform Funding offer to transportation companies?

Answer: We offer a diverse range of financing solutions to cater to the varied needs of transportation companies. Our offerings include leasing, loans, lines of credit, invoice factoring, and revenue-based financing. Each of these options is designed to provide financial flexibility and to support the growth and operational efficiency of your business.

How can leasing be beneficial for my transportation business?

Answer: Leasing is a fantastic way to acquire the vehicles, equipment, or technology you need without a hefty upfront investment. It preserves your capital and provides the opportunity to upgrade to newer or more efficient models as technology advances. Plus, leasing payments may also be tax-deductible, which can further enhance your financial standing.

What are the advantages of obtaining a loan through Platform Funding?

Answer: Securing a loan through us can provide the lump sum capital necessary for significant purchases, expansions, or other business initiatives. Our loan terms are competitive, and we work closely with you to structure a repayment schedule that aligns with your business’s cash flow.

How can a line of credit support my transportation business?

Answer: A line of credit offers a flexible financing solution that allows you to draw funds as needed, up to a specified limit. This can be instrumental in managing cash flow, especially during off-peak seasons or unforeseen circumstances. Interest is only charged on the amount utilized, providing a cost-effective way to have access to funds whenever needed.

How does invoice factoring work and how can it benefit my business?

Answer: Invoice factoring is a financing solution where we purchase your outstanding invoices, providing you with immediate capital.

This can significantly improve your cash flow, enabling you to meet operational expenses, take on new projects, or negotiate better terms with suppliers. It’s a quick and straightforward way to turn receivables into cash without waiting for clients to pay.

What is revenue-based financing and how can it support my business?

Answer: Revenue-based financing is a unique funding solution where you receive upfront capital in exchange for a percentage of future revenues. It aligns our success with yours, as repayments are based on your revenue performance.

This model can provide the capital needed for growth while maintaining a repayment structure that adjusts to your business’s revenue flow.

How can I apply for financing through Platform Funding?

Answer: Applying for financing with us is a straightforward process. Visit our website and fill out the online application form or contact our dedicated financing team to discuss the most suitable financing options for your business. We are committed to providing a smooth and efficient application process to get the funds in your hands as quickly as possible.

What are the transportation funding minimum eligibility requirements?

Answer: Platform Funding has just 3 minimum requirements to offer a transportation loan or leasing, including: being in the transportation business for a minimum of 6 months, providing us with 3 recent bank statements and having a monthly revenue of at least $12,500.

How does Platform Funding ensure the confidentiality and security of my information?

Answer: We prioritize the confidentiality and security of your information. Our systems and processes adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure that your data is protected throughout the financing process.

Minimal eligibility requirements for financial solutions

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