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Our Financial Services

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Platform Funding is your financial solution for business growth. We design our financial services to maximize the amount of funds you can get, no matter what your financial status. Our fast and easy approach to small business financing has resulted in a 95% approval rate for most industries we serve. See the ways we can help fund your business.

A. Platform Funding has streamlined the process to obtain funding for your business. Let us do the work! Simply fill out our short online application and submit 3 months of business bank statements and we’ll take it from there. Typically we can have an approval and a funding plan within a hour. If you decide to move forward we require minimal documentation and our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry. Usually we can get you funded within 24-48 hours. Our team is always on standby!

A. No. Platform Funding provides progressive business funding and is one of the best financing options for a business. The prequalification request is based on a “soft pull” which is only viewable to us, so it does not negatively impact your credit score. 

A. No, if you apply through Platform Funding there is no cost or obligation. We are happy to walk you through each product and provide you several scenarios for funding. Whether you are looking for a traditional loan or line of credit, equipment leasing, factoring or a revenue advance we will provide you every option available and help structure the funding so it best suits the needs of your business.

A. Although business loans and lines of credit are more difficult to secure with bad credit Platform Funding’s revenue advance looks more at the health of the business and the ability of your company to service the holdback % vs. evaluating credit or assets. Bad credit is ok! We realize owners have life events that come up that may negatively impact their credit score. Some of these events include divorce, sickness & medical expenses, bankruptcy, or inadequate accounting services. This shouldn’t prohibit you from obtaining capital you need to maintain or grow your business. Platform Funding will work through almost any scenario to get you funding in a fast & flexible manner that is customized to meet the needs of your business.

Business loans have a fixed interest rate and term and are typically longer in duration. 

A line of credit on the other hand is a revolving loan that provides a set amount of capital that can be accessed when needed.

Revenue advances allow you to sell a % of your future receivables at a small discount.  We then collect our fixed % back over a non-fixed period of time until the purchase amount is received.

Factoring turns your invoices into immediate capital. You sell your invoices and we advance you immediate funds, then we collect from your customers and advance you the balance minus a small fee.

Equipment Leasing is a solution to purchasing pricey items for your business. Equipment lease financing essentially refers to funds borrowed from a lender that can be used as payment for an equipment lease.

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