What Are the Best Funding Options for LLC

LLC financing

An LLC’s flexible business model and limited liability for owners is one of the many reasons why it is a commonly formed structure. However, funding can sometimes be challenging when liability is limited to only the business’s resources.

To combat the frustration of securing financing, the business funding specialists at Platform Funding are available to help you through the application process and match you with the funding your business needs. Learn more about how to find the right funding for your business. 

Applying for LLC Funding

Platform Funding has secured upwards of $750 million in funding for over 15 thousand businesses. There are a few basic requirements and an online form to start the process. The online form is quick and easy to fill out and then all that is left is to gather three months of business bank statements showing a monthly revenue totaling $10,000 or more. 

Funding Info 

Information about the amount of money you make and the amount you are requesting to borrow is the first order of business. The first online page for matching your LLC with appropriate funding will require:

  • Business name
  • Length of time in business 
  • Annual revenue 
  • Amount of money requested

Personal Info

The second section ensures that you have provided the correct information to prequalify you for funding, and it is necessary to run your finances. 

  • Full name 
  • Phone 
  • Email 

Bank Statement Info 

It is important to remember that personal bank statements are not an acceptable form of documentation to qualify for LLC funding. You must have at least three of your most recent business bank statements to move forward with the application process. 

Application Approval 

Once your application has been approved, Platform Funding provides a business funding specialist to match your borrowing needs with a funding plan. Many different funding options are available for LLCs, and our funding specialists will provide added insight and guidance on the best match for your business. Matches are based on:

  • Business financials and credit history 
  • Amount of money requested 
  • Industry the LLC is based in 
  • Purpose of borrowed funds
  • Repayment terms 
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Finding the Right LLC Funding

Depending on the specific details of your LLC, some funding options may be better than others for your business. While LLC funding is essentially the same as other small business loans, additional information can help you determine which option is best for you. The business funding specialists at Platform Funding will answer any questions and provide side-by-side comparisons of each type of funding commonly used for LLCs. 

Online Term Loans 

The most flexible lending option for LLCs is online loans. Online financing generally sources suitable matches for your specific needs and matches you with funding that way. Since the process allows for more applications and different levels of credit, the terms vary to meet the needs of each borrower. Online loans are ideal for those with outstanding credit, and less than perfect credit as benefits shift with qualifications.

  • Ideal for all borrowers 
  • Flexible rates and terms 
  • Quick application and approval 
  • Fast funding 
  • Available for newer LLCs

SBA Loans 

Small business administration loans are among the most popular options for funding LLCs and other small businesses. Next to bank loan financing, SBA loans provide the most reasonable terms thanks to their guarantee and issuance from the lending partners. Remember that SBA loan financing can be a lengthy process, and if you are looking for funding fast, SBA isn’t it. While the process is not outrageously long, it does take time, and detailed documentation is required. Ideal for borrowers with high and better credit 

  • Affordable terms and rates 
  • Flexible repayment options 
  • Lengthy application process 
  • Limited uses for funds 

If you are needing funding for your business sooner rather than later, Platform Funding offers faster funding alternatives to SBA loans. 

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Bank Loans 

Bank loans offer the most affordable and reasonable terms to fund your LLC. However, remember that they also require the best financials and at least two years of business records. Big bank loans offer the best rates, and it often helps if you are already a member of their financial institution in some way. However, some financial institutions also offer introductory rates for new borrowers. If big banks are not an ideal option, consider your local bank or credit unions for more borrowing opportunities. Be sure to read the fine details to determine how repayment terms might affect your personal credit. 

  • Ideal for high and blemish-free credit 
  • Must be established business
  • Choice allocation for funds 
  • Affordable financing and repayment 
  • Lengthy application process

Business Lines of Credit 

Lines of credit are a little different than traditional financing. Rather than receiving and then repaying the whole amount you qualify for, lines of credit offer flexible cash that is spent when you need it, and you only repay what you spend. The remainder of the amount you qualify for remains open and available if you do not have any outstanding account balances. 

  • Practical for average credit 
  • Works for newer and established businesses 
  • Working capital is allocated as you see fit 
  • Option for seasonal businesses 
  • Smart spending 

While there are additional funding options for LLCs, these are the most popular and practical among borrowers. However, finding funding for your LLC doesn’t have to fit into a mold. Platform Funding specialists are always prepared to discuss more financing options to meet the unique needs of your business. 

Contact the business funding specialists at Platform Funding and begin taking the steps toward financing your LLC today.

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